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Shortly after the arrival of Covid, I have been offering online classes with great success and many of my students from my in person classes are now taking my online classes and are enjoying them more than before. They attribute this to their ability to not only see my demonstrations as many times as they wish in the comfort of their homes, but also being able to do their paintings at their leisure without having to leave their homes.

How are the classes conducted
My online classes are in six, and eight lesson packages. Once enrolled in a class the student will receive the lessons in video format attached to an e-mail, one video per week. After downloading the video to your computer, you can view it at your leisure. You will also receive a second e-mail with a reference image for the lesson in the video. After finishing your painting of the image in the video, you send me a photo in an e-mail for a critique, comments, and suggestions.

Payment for the classes
For payment information and information about participating in my online classes send me an e-mail to

Classes being offered
     • Watercolor for Beginners
     • Watercolor for Beyond Beginners
     • Watercolor Journals
     • Watercolor and Mixed Media
     • The Art of Sketching
     • Acrylic painting for all levels.
Detailed explanation of the classes may be requested by contacting the instructor at

Materials needed
Once enrolled in a class you will receive a list of materials which may be purchased locally, or online. If you already have pigments, brushes etc. you may, or may not need to purchase additional materials.


“ Augusto's video classes are wonderful. As he develops his attractive paintings, we can see and re- see his variety of techniques for water, foliage, rocks, and other elements. With his videos I can paint along in parts or go over particular sections again whenever I want. They have helped me understand the many layers he uses to build up color, texture, and tonal effects. I highly recommend his online classes.”

Paula Hagan

“Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your online classes. At first I was not sure as I have so loved your in person classes; However, I must say this has been amazing. I am learning so much and was not expecting how helpful it is to be able to watch the demo and have the ability to pause, paint along, and re-start. Little details that are missed the first time can be watched again and gives my paintings a benefit they have not by just watching live class demos, and taking notes. This is a great way to take our painting to the next level. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep your students up to date with our painting, otherwise I fear we may not have stayed with it.“

Gail Cristello

“ Augusto is a very accomplished artist and as a teacher has shared his vast expertise in drawing and watercolor painting with his students. I have taken several of his in person classes over the past few years, and lately while enrolled in his virtual classes. He carefully outlines compositions, fully illustrates techniques, gives detailed advice on the proper use of brushes, and helpful hints on color choices. All in an easy and patient manner. Most importantly his critiques are supportive and effective resulting in a very noticeable improvement in my abilities as a watercolor artist”.
Helen Nikitiuk

It is hard to put into words what this last year and a half of watercolor classes have meant to me. My first class you were so kind and non judgmental when I showed up with acrylic paints and didn’t know the difference. Since then I have been mesmerized by your talent and how freely you give to each and everyone of us. Your methods make something possible that I never dreamed I could do. Watercolor has become a passion and I look forward to being able to sit down and create something. Sometimes I even shock myself. I no longer look at the world the same way, the sunset, clouds, trees, you have taken us on a journey I never want to end. You must never retire.

Thank you for all you do.

G. C.

Several years ago I purchased a canvas bag with a beautiful watercolor painting on it at the Venice Craft Fair. That watercolor painting was created by Augusto Argandona. When I saw he was teaching at the Venice Art Center, I signed right up. I have taken several watercolor classes with Gus and plan to take as many classes as he offers. He is the absolute best teacher I have ever had. Thanks to Gus I have started to look at the world around me in a different way.

He teaches you how to paint with watercolor correctly and is always there to guide you. He instills a confidence in you which makes you eager to learn the next subject.

Gus makes you want to excel, he compliments you, and helps you when you need him. I have never enjoyed art classes as much as I enjoy the ones he teaches. I feel honored to have learned so much from him and can't wait to see what we learn next!!

J. J.

I knew this would be a traditional class by the sample painting in the class selection book and by Gus' painting on the instructor's wall. I never imagined so many talented students would fill a class listed for beyond beginners. The students had a great deal of experience. It was just right for me. As Gus named the colors he used in rapid succession (He is very skilled and paints fast). I did not always keep up which I like because I consider this challenging. Two techniques I learned will remain in my repertoire forever...avoiding ready made foliage colors, mixing the greens and mixing the colors on the paper.

I so enjoyed Gus' relaxed disposition and the talent of my classmates...I will certainly be studying watercolor with you again.

Gus' watercolor class for "beyond beginner" helped me reach a new level in my many year journey to achieve light, clarity of color and excitement in my work. The highlight of every class was his instruction in how to create a work of art from an ordinary still photograph. He taught his students how to refocus our vision guided by his artist's eye and create a watercolor painting of unique interest and beauty.

I look forward to continuing taking classes with him in the Fall.

P. C.

Photos are from the Fun with Watercolor class.

Watercolor Workshops by Augusto Argandona in Venice Florida Watercolor Workshops by Augusto Argandona in Venice Florida
Watercolor Workshops by Augusto Argandona in Venice Florida Watercolor Workshops by Augusto Argandona in Venice Florida